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MMM investors’ money reportedly used to finance Sergei Mavrodi’s burial

The funeral of Sergei Mavrodi was reportedly financed by the depositors of the financial pyramid popularly known as MMM which was created by him.
The famous lawyer, Alexander Molokhov, who represented the interests of Mavrodi in his lifetime disclosed this, Interfax reports.

gathered that the body of Mavrodi was taken away from the morgue by his ex-spouse, but the money expended on his burial was collected from the money deposited by MMM investors.
Though the lawyer did not specify the amount used for the burial, he stated that the funeral was “quite dignified”.
The lawyer noted that the funeral scheduled to hold on Saturday, March 31, would be dignified but not too extravagant
He was quoted to have said that the burial “will not be held at the highest level, but it is worthy”.
Place of burial was kept secret as Mavrodi’s ex-spouse allegedly did not want the presence of a large number of people.
Organizers of the funeral were allegedly afraid that there would be provocations and someone would want to defile the burial place.

The brother of the famous swindler, who did not get along with him while he was alive refused to allow him to be buried in the family plot on the Khovansky cemetery.previously reported that Mavrodi died on Monday, March 26 , at the age of 62 in Moscow.
He was reportedly taken to a city hospital from a bus stop overnight Monday after he felt weakness and pain in the chest area.
The preliminary cause of death was a heart attack.
MMM is 419

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