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No former president fought corruption as much as Buhari

Debo Adeniran, the executive chairman of CACOL, commends President Buhari’s anti-corruption fight
– He states that no previous administration performed better than the current government
– Adeniran also alleges that the Senate refused to confirm Magu as the EFCC chairman because of their involvement in corruption
The executive chairman of the Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL), Debo Adeniran, has stated that no previous administration has performed better than President Muhammadu Buhari in the area of the anti-corruption fight.
Adeniran stated this in an interview with Independent Newspaper.
When asked if he would say the anti-corruption crusade of President Muhammadu Buhari is a success, Adeniran said the no previous administration has done better than the current government.
He said: “So far, it has been so good. No regime could have done better. None has done better. So many lapses, granted. But, no Federal Government could have done better given prevailing situation. The APC was less than a year old when it came to power.
“The groups and elements had no time to understand themselves. You cannot compare them with a party that has stayed 16 years. Before you can work together, there will be understanding of opinions and ideologies. The different that formed APC did not work together before. People, who formed the government, had not worked together before. President Buhari too did not work with any of them.
“Some of them could have hoodwinked President Buhari to be appointed. It would take at least a year to detect a fraudster in the administration. Until when a minister gives account, you will not know that he is a fraudster. They were strangers recommended by people to fulfil constitutional provisions.
“Fighting corruption is herculean. Corruption can corrupt anyone or system that fights it. That is why you find different opinions in the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary.”
Adeniran further said that that the corruption fight under President Buhari is facing some challenges because many stakeholders in the government, particularly the Senate, are also caught in various corruption scandals.
“Majority of those in the Senate have served before in many states and are neck deep in corruption. Many were under trial in courts and were being investigated before. Some had not been found guilty. Some were also in prison detention for corruption charges when they won the election.
“No corrupt element can make a law that will lead to his arrest, prosecution and imprisonment. So, they will make laws that will make the fight against corruption difficult.
“The Judiciary is also corrupt. Only a few officials will be free of corruption. The administration has tackled the Military, dismissed and tried several officers. The administration has brought judges to justice, some dismissed or de-robed or are being tried. Some houses sealed. The regime made people return or abandon their loots,” he added.
The CACOL chairman commended the introduction of The Treasury Single Account (TSA) and BVN which he said has tremendously revealed dubious accounts run by some government agencies.
He said: “The Treasury Single Account (TSA) has exposed several accounts run by some agencies opened for corruption. TSA has harmonized government accounts. The advent of the BVN checked those who have illicit money. Many abandoned their illicit accounts. Many have been detected because of the biometric component of the BVN.
“The administration has taken the bull by the horn, to a large extent, they are winning. Many who are to implement the law or policy are corrupt. President Buhari cannot deal with everyone at a time. He has to delegate.”
Adeniran alleged that the Senate refused to confirm Ibrahim Magu as the chairman of the EFCC because of their involvement in corruption.
“When you have a Magu as the EFCC boss, you have a regime that wants to fight corruption. He did not compromise. That is why the Senate does not like him. The Senate will not like anyone who will bring the corrupt ones among them on trial.

“The Senate president, who doubles as the chairman of the National Assembly, was on trial. Many of the National Assembly members are among those having corruption charges. So, they will not like someone who wants to tackle corruption. They are the ones earning unearned salaries and wages. Having serving judges and Chairman of the National Assembly on trial at the same time, the regime has done well in the fight against corruption. President Buhari has shown a lot of courage in this regard.”

He argued that even though President Muhammadu Buhari may not be the best, as claimed by some people, he had done enough within the last three years to warrant him being called a champion, especially in the area of the war against corruption.

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